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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Can I gently remind folk that this thread is intended to discuss, debate, compare, critique (in the sense of analyzing, questioning, clarifying, etc.), various approaches - preferred or otherwise.

That said, thank you for your contributions Ashe. I have a few questions:

Ashe Higgs wrote: View Post
you have to go through a process of structure, relaxation and then energy.
Can you clarify your use of the word "energy"?

a process that looks something like flow, one force,two forces, four forces, six forces, circle to center, center with cross and then center to center (on the point).
For edification, can you expand what each of these terms mean?

within the body are the 13 points and the five qualities of unification.
Mike has already asked this, but I'll ask again.

dan tien is only halfway to the ground so it's about connecting from the point (wherever that is, usually on the hand or arm somewhere) all the way down to the feet, and then extending that point all the way into the opponents feet.
I understand the first part of the legs supporting the dantien, but I haven't come across the last part - extending the point to the opponents feet. Can you clarify that please?

dan tien is only a reservoir for storage. we use the ming men for power.
Can you expand more on this? Why? How?

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