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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Ignatius Teo wrote: View Post
I first saw this clip maybe 3 years ago on another forum, and I thought exactly the same thing. But back then, I wasn't prepared to "share" it on THAT particular forum, given the various personalities in the audience.
the clip gives a general idea of what the training looks like
but you have to go through a process of structure, relaxation and then energy. one of the problems with a lot of the "internal" stuff that's floating around out there today is that they try and go straight for the "high energy" right away rather than going through the process which yields actual results.

in other words, they want to imitate the masters rather than clock in the hard work it takes to get there.

as an example, within the spinning hands training you'd follow a process that looks something like flow, one force,two forces, four forces, six forces, circle to center, center with cross and then center to center (on the point).

the clip i posted was around the time when i was at the "six forces" stage in my development.

as i said, those are qualities observed and manifested on the point. within the body are the 13 points and the five qualities of unification.

Ignatius Teo wrote: View Post
Me too.... as I'm sure others here would as well. Coz in my mind, until one can feel the dantien/tanden/hara, and work out how to connect dantien to hand, without engaging the shoulder and arm, it's nigh near impossible. And any help, would be appreciated.
in our system, it's not just about the dan tien. dan tien is only halfway to the ground so it's about connecting from the point (wherever that is, usually on the hand or arm somewhere) all the way down to the feet, and then extending that point all the way into the opponents feet.

for us, we say that dan tien is only a reservoir for storage. we use the ming men for power.

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