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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Not to single you out, Ashe, but let me make a meant-to-be-helpful suggestion. And it honestly is. That use of arm and shoulder is *not* what I see Sam Chin doing and it's certainly not ever going to lead to using the dantien and thus into the realm of real "internal martial arts". Now I realize that I can just be silent or I can say "great video, Ashe".... but that would be done only with a smirk on my face and some ill-intent -- and that's not my personality.


Mike Sigman
a) the clip is old and outdated but it's what i had available. since that time i've been tested and validated on our spinning hands method by my Sifu personally and so i'm quite confident that i know what i'm doing and that i can guide others in that method.

b) i can already tell your going to chase after me on this forum and try to poo-poo anything i post in an effort to assure everyone that you're the only one who knows what he's talking about. after the vitriolic PM's you can save the nice guy act for someone else.

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