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Re: RIP Habeas Corpus, Hello Torture

Hey Neil, how are things?

quote]Let's face it: torture doesn't work. Assuming it achieves a short term goal, you're still, at the end of the day, a torturer, using the same tools of terror on the tortured, as terrorists use upon civilians. Worse, you might well be torturing innocents:[/quote]

Question, whats your deffinition of tourture?
For the most part I agree, tourture is bad karma, but defining tourture is tricky isnt it?
Is making someone go for 12 hours without food or water tourture? (kids do it in africa all the time)
What about 3 days?
Is punching someone in the stomach and roughing them up a bit, tourture?
What if it's punching said "bad guy" who was caught planting a bomb on the side of the road . What if roughing that guy up a little (or hell even hurting him) means that you FIND the supplier of his bombs and you just saved 8 kids and 6 adults who would have been caught in a future road side bomb.

I agree, at the end of the day you're still using tourture to get what you want. Could it be a matter of when a line is drawn? Roughing someone up for information which leads to saving X number of soldiers and Y number of civilians compared to when "they" threaten the locals looking to the US for work. "If you work for the americans we'll kill you and your family" and follow through on their threat.

Every day I'm more and more impressed with the americans I'm around. They don't get a quarter of the credit they deserve for helping the people they help.

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