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Steve Mullen
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Re: RIP Habeas Corpus, Hello Torture

I think its a very fine balance that needs to be struck between giving too much freedom to would be/may be terrorists and to holding people who are just in the wrong skin at the wrong time. Its a kind of catch-22 situation for all of the main governments involved in the Iraq conflict at the moment, if they do too much they are condemed as being war-crimianls and taking everyones liberty and making the country a dictatorship etc, but if they do too little and something (9/11 and 7/7) happens we all ask where the protection was and why the government didn't do more to save us.

Incidently, while I was wirting this i was listening to bob dylan's the times they are a changin' and the track One too many mornings came on. I think one of the lines in it fits these kind of discussions perfectly

"You're right from your side, and I'm right from mine, we're both just one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind"

"No matter your pretence, you are what you are and nothing more." - Kenshiro Abbe Shihan
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