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dan guthrie
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I'm about your level in time, Tonya, and I always assumed women had the advantage in both forward and backward rolls...lower center of gravity and all.

My forward rolls were very painful; I would drive my shoulder into the mat every time. One of my teachers just advised me to start over from scratch. So for a few weeks I just told everyone I wasn't doing any forward rolls during practice.

Before and after class I would lay on the mat and slowly fling my body over my prone shoulder. Up and down the mat until they threw me out. After a dozen or so classes, I got up on my knees and then up on my feet but realllllly low and so on. If I landed wrong I would just go back to an earlier level.

Also, speed does help me, as well. Just don't get overconfident, wedge your shoulder and get discouraged. Ask your sensei to watch your progress.
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