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Tonya Walcott (skyetide) wrote:
... although, I do feel quite loyal to the dojo in which I train.
Tonya - I don't think training periodically in another dojo would be disloyal. In your situation I would talk to your teacher and perhaps a suitable group will be suggested. You of course would continue to train under your primary teacher. Call it a secondment.

At the risk of getting myself into trouble I'm on record for saying that I find a male/female dojo mix of 60/40 ideal. The reason for the ratio is simply one of group dynamic but generally speaking the women soften up the men and the men harden up the women. I base this on my experience teaching and practicing both here and in the West. I don't like all male dojos just as much as I dislike all female.

A little digression I know but the point is - your personal Aikido will probably be better in the long run in the situation you find yourself in rather than the opposite. However, for inspiration and communing I would consider the visits.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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