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Ali B
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Hi Bronson,

I have been thinking about the grading thing for a while. I donīt have a grade as I have moved around lot - different styles, teachers, etc.

I once got to green belt in my first association, then changed schools and have been ungraded for 4 years. It didnīt matter to me until recently "your belt is only for holding up your trousers" was how one of my teachers put it to me.

Now I feel I would like to...I have been feeling a bit put out when I go to a new club and Iīm treated like a complete beginner by the kyu grades (my ego gets bruised). I also get the feeling that time is awasting... not getting any younger and all that

My teacher thinks it is important to "level up" now and again, although we all wear white belts anyway.

In my club we discuss whether we are ready to or not...As I said in another post, my teacher thinks that there are more important things to test than only technique. He often says when he sees the control there he will tell us...
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