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i'm way over my head here, but i can't resist. I'm way too much of a beginner to speak with any meaning on radial nerve vs. balance vs. radius pressure vs pushing on the wrist...but i can tell you what i do and don't feel. I don't feel yonkyo as a pain technique. yes, perhaps if YOU do it, i will, but probably not. i don't know why, i may just be pain tolerant, or i'm wired funny. so no matter how precisely nage places his hands, he probably is not going to be on the nerve, or it doesn't necessarily cause pain. or both. i do know that i often stand there watching my nage while he searches, for what seems like a LONG time. even when i warn my partner i won't feel the pressure point. like with Jun, they seem to enjoy squeezing my thin little arm. so when i think of yonkyo, what i want to get, is how i feel the technique from the few who don't even look for that point: the slack being taken out of my arm and a cut to my center with it---which doesn't hurt, either, but looks amazingly like yonkyo. so i think you can definately do this technique (correctly) without pain. i wish i could tell you how nikyo, sankyo, and rokyo are done without pain---because i've been on the receiving end of painless versions of all. it just felt like a very solid connection (not clash) with nage and then i was turning inside myself. maybe its a practice thing, or maybe the focus of nage has to be on connection and center, rather than the joint. it just feels really different than one that uses the joint pain only---to this very junior white belt at least.
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