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Re: Aikido as External Art -or- Where's the Chewy Center?

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Then you're supposing that the "taught from the inside out" idea is a criterion and I've never seen it used as anything other than an offhand comment.
I was paraphrasing specifically from "Hsing Yi Chuan: Theory and Application" by Shou-Yu Liang and Jwing-Ming Yang.

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
You're quarreling with how they start with internal training and how successful they are (which I'd agree with you, BTW), but technically they treat the internal skills as an intrinsic part of their curriculum. I absolutely agree that's the way it should be taught. *HOW* it's taught is the question, isn't it?
The problem I have with the ki society methods (and I say this as someone who has a shodan from a ki society offshoot) is that the explanation for how to accomplish a particular goal, is the goal itself. If I don't know how to 'extend ki', being told to 'extend ki' isn't very helpful. All of the aiki parlor trick tests (unbendable arm, closed finger circle, plank across chairs) and whatnot are fine and all, but I feel there has to be a better and more specific way to teach the internal dynamics beyond telling people to do these things and then repeatedly testing how well they do them. If you actually build a methodology to develop these skills, then the tests have value, but tests generally make poor lessons. IMHO

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