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Re: Aikido versus Knees and elbows

Dear Tubig,

I too was experimenting with the Muay Thai style type clinch yesterday night after class, unfortunately none of us are true Muay Thai practitioner... but we try anyway.

My adjutant sensei's response:
1) Just as I am about to go into the clinch, using the hiriki no yosei ichi type movement ala Yoshinkan syllabus, he blocked my clinch. Then he followed using a irimi-tsuki technique which he applied on my chin and titled my head backwards which resulted in a throw.

2) Next we tried when uke already got tori in the clinch and tori is busy applying the knee strike to the ribs. Again, adjutant sensei uses his tegatana to block my upward knee strikes, then using a leg sweep coupled with iriminage, he did put me down.

However, after some more experimenting, we decided aikido works best just before the clinch... when uke is coming in for the clinch. When uke has already got into the clinch... some modification (which include some atemi) are needed.

It was nice to experiment. But then, I never underestimate the Muay Thai guys. They can be tough nut to crack.


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