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Re: If a mosquito landed on your arm.

I'm a vegetarian, but not a vegan. I try and limit what I kill, but I also realize that everyone is a hypocrite.

I really believe killing is wrong and really try to not do it if possible, but I am also think it is necessary at time to have to do so giving the conditions.

Killing mosquitos...well I think it is necessary to do this at times. ( I just got back from a malarial country and heading to a malarial infested place in a few weeks as well). Seeing the suffering mosquitos cause in the world, I think at some level it is a lesser evil.

What is most important is not if we kill the mosquito but the attitude and thoughts as we do it.

I will take the time to take a spider out of the room, or other bugs to set them free. However, mosquitos, you can't catch them and they do harm.

Looking at the big picture, as we should, I think it is better to prevent. Reducing standing water, taking away their habitat, using mosquito netting and fans where possible can be good alternatives to toxic sprays and killing.

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