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Disgust Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
Sorry Jun. I unnerstand the goal of keeping on topic but for a whole lot of the world 501(c)(3) means diddly, but religion (no matter which) is just superstition, and the restrictions on whether or not a person can practice aikido with a member of the opposite sex is just plain silly and a part of that superstition...
Silly according to you. Not silly at all for about half the world's population. Roughly. Of course you are right, they are right. I am right. Everyone's right according to their own (sub)set of beliefs. You tell me I'm wrong, we have an issue. You tell me my culture's wrong, we have an issue. You tell me your beliefs are better and higher than mine, we have an issue.

Nothing productive can come from this lane.
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