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Re: Why do you do Aikido?

I think it boils down to three reasons for me.

1. I end up feeling more chill in my life in general. Whether this is due to the philosophy of aikido, the physical practice of aligning my body (the way yoga is said to bring emotional stability through practicing physical stability), or something else, I couldn't tell you.

2. I like the people. Mostly everyone on the mat is into both the physical and the mental sides of this art and it makes for good conversations. And absolutely everyone contributes to the cooperative team atmosphere we have going on.

3. I like building physical competency. Though I definitely appreciate the self-defense aspect of it, I also like knowing that I can probably fall on the ice without getting hurt, that it's not such a big deal if I trip down the stairs, that I can be aware of where the knife point is when I'm chopping vegetables.

Besides, it makes martial arts movies more interesting when you can see a little more of what's going on.
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