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Re: O'Sensei teaching Aikido at the Hombu Dojo after WWII

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
These so called facts are not in English, and you don't provide a translation or mention the source. It looks like an entry in a magazine. As historical evidence we must know the original source and confirm that it was presented properly. It seems that some people have a definition of "facts" that equals "whatever they'd like to hear."

By the way, Saotome Sensei does not in any way hide his relationship with Yamaguchi Sensei.
It's a book publisher's page, Saotome's own publisher - actually the bio is the one that's published in Saotome's book in Japanese. If you don't trust me, then run it through one of the online translation engines - that'll get you the dates.

Actually, it's still a little off, because it says that Saotome started Aikido in 1954, but that he spent "20 years under the tutelage of the founder", which is a pretty good trick since the founder died in 1969.

And I never said that he concealed his relationship with Yamaguchi. Anyway, it's just an example of how facts tend to get "expanded".