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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

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One of the problems that I personally think interferes with a discussion of a video like that is the still-present idea that most Aikido techniques are somehow unique, whereas in reality most of them represent standard techniques (regardless of all possible small variations) that have been around for thousands of years. If you understand that, you can understand why some people think that Aikido techniques are related to Bagua techniques, but most knowledgeable CMA people will understand that those "Bagua techniques" are simply variations of old-standards.

Seeing those techniques in a MMA situation caused no perturbation in my aplomb, whatsoever.


MY FWIW comment: I don't know, I thought about this and reviewed the video. To prove Mike correct or incorrect you would have to have the fighter's history and speak to the fighter about the wazas to see if they are from Aikido.

Bagua techniques and Aikido relationship, how could we validate Mike's claim to be true or false. I don' t think I read any where in Aikido such a thing. Not saying it is or isn't possible. I just need the goods to tell me. I am open to being educated. I don' t know everything. I really interested in seeing the connection. I am not making judgements either way. I just need to see the information.
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