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Paul Schweer
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Re: AikiWeb Workshop 2007

Lynn Seiser wrote:
... what is the difference in "application topics" and "training"?
Hello Dr. Seiser,

My understanding is that an Application Topic session may, if the instructor is so inclined, cover recognition/employment of aikido principles in daily life and/or complimentary pursuits. A breathing exercise, a solo kata of some sort, a verbal tactic for conflict de-escalation, a helpful hint for keeping one's keiko-gi crispy white and spring fresh -- an open invitation for the instructor to cover something people might not expect. And a warning to those attending that they may get something they wouldn't otherwise expect.

Having said that, my recollection from the first AikiWeb Workshop is that the Application Topic sessions were not so strange.

I guess we'll see when we see.


Paul Schweer
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