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Al Gutierrez
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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity


I'll buy the explanation of "fundamental skills" = baseline skills. That works better for me than "basic".

I've seen the videos of Shioda. I understand your bike tire analogy and I guess that works in a vague way, but I was hoping for an example of how you train to "pack your breath" or "twist and wind" as you say, (exactly what/how?) and then an application of that skill to a simple technique.

This is a baseline skill you guys are asserting, yet it's too complicated to explain - I understand it has to be shown - so would someone please post a video of themselves explaining, teaching, and doing it and not simply point to Ueshiba, Shioda or CXW? You don't have to be a master, just show how you train it and how you apply it.

Thanks for the responses so far.

A. G.
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