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Re: Help! Blackbelts vs Sensei!

That's a good question, and it's something that happens to a lot of us at some point. Of course, once you get good enough, it won't matter so much as you will be able to do your own thing and ignore others to a certain extent. Saying "that's not what sensei showed me" will just lead to trouble with the senior students, so that's not the approach I would take. I would talk to sensei instead. Tell him/her what is happening, and ask his/her advice. If the others are doing it wrong, he/she should really correct them. If they aren't doing it wrong, then perhaps sensei can explain something to you that you have missed. If on the other hand, sensei does neither of those things, and just lets it slide, you might want to start questioning the integrity and value of that dojo.

As to what is "right", I can't help you. I don't do Yoshinkan aikido, and in any case you are likely to get so many different answers on here, that it won't really help you anyway.
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