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Re: Correct Feeling

Just thinking out loud...
1. Correct feeling as in subscribing to a method of movement which is precise and absolute... Delivering the most pound to inches power generation/annullatiom.
2. Correct feeling as in splendidly and inespicabally moving effortlessly and naturally.

My opinion being no1 would perhaps be the most advantageous to learn and operate under if you want to train as an effective warrior within the shortest timescale. No one can deny your ability when it is tried and tested through generations of students who could repeat it under any given circumstances. You have created a powerful warrior caste.

No 2. Harder to consistently achieve and transmit and worst, master. Yet it also operates in an even more broader range of situations. A feeling that could be applied in situations of any random variables. A methodology that has no coerciveness in it's teachings, it's mastery and it's application.

The first develops and empowers. The second provides insight or rediscovery and guides.

Draw strength from stillness. Learn to act without acting. And never underestimate a samurai cat.
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