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No teasing for this post please - it is one of my embarasing secrets;

I have never much been in to martial arts movies. They are too flowery and unrealistic (though I admire Jakie Chan's acrobatic ability) and as Bruce Lee said; it is the small unseen techniques which are most effective rather than the large round-house kicks.

However, when I was at school I watched Coming to America (Eddy Murphy) and thought the jo stuff was really cool. I had a friend from Vietnam (the country rather than the war) who was into loads of weird martial arts - he used to jump off this balcony about 6 meters off the ground and land on his feet without hurting himself (though now he is probably suffering immense knee pain) - anyway, he said if I want to do weapons I should take up Aikido.

I soon realised that I prefered the non-weapons aspects of aikido and it led me to get interested in Zen and Taosim, as well as once saving my life. So, in a way, you could say that if it wasn't for Eddy Murphy I wouldn't be here today.

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