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Re: "Aiki" in Russian Video Clips

Hi guys. I have been away having some fun in the sun.
I agree with Chris and Dan, there is no real debate going on here to model the truth, that's long past. Erick is playing games with the ones presenting their side and mostly debating the debating style rather than offering anything of substance in reply.
Case in point when Rob or I or anyone who can do some things over these last few years offers a description of movement, Erick then states what they are doing in western terms. When the person who can actually do it states that isn't -it-Erick responds "they don't understand his terms."
He is just now debating with two engineers one of whom is (of all things) a robotics engineer, who himself has felt and can do some of these things and who has felt others who do it, and both engineers are telling Erick he's wrong in his descriptions. He has the audacity to tell these engineers they don't understand the math and physics involved.
Were -he-seeking truth he would accept their rebuttal and move the discussion forward. He isn't. Instead he is telling engineers who are more capable then he due to the combination of both education and hands on experience-that they don't get it. For me it pretty much destroyed any credibility to the honesty of the debate. There is no seeking of a truth here. It’s all defense.

One last thing
Erick Mead wrote: View Post
My teacher has pointed out that Dan is overly focused on the ki of earth and not sufficiently concerned with the ki of heaven. We don't train to resist "pushes." That's not to say that we "can't" -- that is saying that we don't We train to enter pushes. We do however train to aiki age and aiki sage, although those terms are not commonly used.
Both aiki age and aiki sage, in my experience, are related to the ways in which the movement of ki (furitama) is connected (musubi) to that of the opponent. Juji frames aiki in musubi . The nature of that relationship and shape drives the interaction. The rest is dynamic consistency of musubi and furitama at a largely subconscious level. If furitama and/or maai arrive in juji at musubi -- kuzushi results.
This simply isn't true. You are the first to note and then repeatedly chastise folks for presumption, and you don't retract or apologize for it either. Your teacher, or anyone else simply reading has no clue what I do as I don't talk about it on the net. None-the-less you of all people presuming to tell me about aiki-age and aiki-sage is quite over the top. At least you gave me a source to identify your lack of understanding of the subject we keep discussing-your teacher.

First of all -- some compelling reason to go to Boston. Second of all -- some compelling reason. Dan wants "credibility" -- someone to be believed. Why? I cannot say. .
This saddens me Erick. But thanks for letting me kow where you are coming from befor I came to visit. You take just enough care in insulting me, instead of sticking to the points, to fall under acceptable standards for AIkiweb.
Make no mistake, I extended a clear and sincere offer to show you and discuss things-at my expense- during a family vacation, and then buy you dinner after. This is what I get for the trouble? You turn around a kind offer and insult my motives as some "needy act" for extending it? Gees Erick. Come on man, what's up with that?
The offer is now removed. I would however, still like to call on both you and your teacher to see what I am missing in my understanding. Notice I am not insulting you- just sticking to the subject of your argument- that you now understand aiki better than me.
To make it definitive and to address your discussion of me. I state for the record that:
I believe neither you or your teacher have any ability to demonstrate an understanding of this topic in depth and will prove -upon testing- to be incapable of demonstrating anything of practical value regarding the use of ki and aiki to me.

Here is your response to Dan Austin when he mentioned the same things. I repeat your advice to him...back at you.
No one appears to have instructed you on the martial consequences of rudeness, but you have thoroughly reassured me that one day, likely very soon, someone certainly will.
Rudeness is not redeemed by a foolish ignorance, much less a headlong foolish ignorance...For your own sake, please don't lead with the chin when insulting people like that -- it will hurt.
That was rude! I re-read the entire thread amd I am surprised at the level of insult you dish out and you donlt get the same in return. Folks challenge your understanding of the subject-and your debate style. You insult their intelligence and their integrity and motives.

I figure since you and your teacher now want to talk about my limitations on aikiweb, and the aikiweb community set standards by asking me -in very direct terms -many times-to step up and be tested, which I have fulfilled, many times, I guess its you and your teachers turn now. In keeping with budo protocols-unlike the nature of the ones I received previously- I will come to you. I'm a budo guy. That's how it's done.
Now, before I hear all manner of calls of rudeness and such.
a) This is in keeping with your own described cautions and standards offered to Dan Austin
b) It is in keeping with the types of testing and standards asked of some of us right here.
ANd truth be told, according to many many folks here they were thankful to all parties, Mike, Ark and Rob, Me, and most of all Jun for bringing the subject to light and moving the discussion to a mat among budo enthusiasts.
SO, I am asking for you and your teacher to demonstrate my limitations and lack of understanding-you so casually discussed here- on me, in person!
In case you missed it- it is you who are leading with your chin. I am simply doing what you said someone will sooner or later do to Dan you.
A simple answer will suffice. Lord knows, that accorfing to you- I may not understand anything else!

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