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Re: Aikido Dojos in or near Cergy, Pontoise, Montpellier, and Rennes France

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Hi to all.I have a French student in our dojo, who got promoted recently to 5th kyu, and he wants to continue his aikido practice when he goes to France this coming July. We will be giving his 4th kyu exam before going there, if he continues to practice in our dojo regularly. He wants to know if there are any aikido dojos in these places in France: Cergy Pontoise, Montpellier, and Rennes? I am aware that there are more French aikidokas compared to Japanese aikidokas and I think there will be a dojo in these places that I have mentioned. He will be staying on one of these places and will be there permanently to continue his studies. Actually he's half-French and half-Filipino,he really is interested in aikido, and regularly practices in our dojo here in the Philippines. Will really appreciate your assistance. Gambatte.
It was quite a while ago, but I recall having a good experience at Daniel Toutain Sensei's dojo in Rennes when I visited for a couple of classes. I only had an independent grade of 5th kyu at the time from my university club, but everyone took good care of me and Toutain Sensei was very kind.

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