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Re: Aikikai Kagami Biraki Promotions

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
So far as I can tell, the Founder had no interest at all in organizations of any kind.

If it's a donation - then call it a donation and give up the myth of rank, IMO.

Then there's the question of whether or not that donation supports the best way to promote Aikido, or the best thing for Aikido. I'm not saying it isn't, but the questions should be asked.


Holy crap, we agree on something. (I think we actually agree on lots of stuff, in general....)

Now here is a simple question concerning a fact. I have done some small research ( a few minutes on the interwebs) on this fact, to no good result. I know there are people here who can answer this question easily and truthfully.

Is the Zaidan Houjin Aikikai non-profit?

Really, I just haven't found anything that states what the financial structure of the Aikikai is. Doesn't really matter to me, but I'd like to know. Good hing I'm not a cat, my simple curiosity would have killed me years ago.
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