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Re: The relevance of origin.

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
The enjoyment does not need any knowledge of the rose.
I'm probably splitting hairs a bit, but I disagree here. To enjoy it requires knowledge about it. The more we know about it, the more we can potentially enjoy about it. That isn't to say that worrying about the names or other aspects can't get in the way of enjoying the thing itself, I would agree. Although, it can also add to the enjoyment, too, if you like to try and remember how things are classified or whatever other aspects you might take enjoyment from in the experience.
In aikido I enjoy the history, the terminology, even the arguments over correctness (to varying degrees ), and consider them to be part of my practice. They all have their utility and they all have their required discipline, and they all have their own kind of beauty. So the question to my mind is of what one wants to know. If history or nomenclature aren't part of it, then so be it.
Any number of things can detract from a sense of fulfillment/enjoyment, but I view each piece of understanding as adding to it, generally speaking.

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