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Re: Two Dojos in One ( Ronco (tm))

Ahh, the zombie post lives again!

For anyone in a similar situation, I thought I'd throw my coins in, even though we're several years removed from the incident itself.

Look, I understand that there "visitors" have different attitudes about WHY they are training, but aren't your GOALS the same? Your goal is to get better at Aikido. Their goal is to get better at Aikido. Does it really matter WHY you're getting better?

Secondly, I know all about dealing with people who are very rude and even arrogant. However, on the mat, it is very easy to slip into the motion of the training and completely ignore the attitudes of rude people. If you're training with someone who insists on correcting you and insulting you (for instance) while you practice, it is really very easy to ignore it and focus on the person as uke alone. Let the sensei correct you (and them, if necessary.) Outside of practice tensions may be high, but inside practice it is your responsibility to show a great deal of respect for yourself, your training partners (all of them) and your sensei. If others are not willing to show this respect, then they are missing the point of the exercise. However, you should not let that rob YOU of your improvement.

Thirdly, I suggest speaking to the sensei. Most sensei I kow of require silence on the mat at all times, and that may ease tensions a bit. Let him or her know what's going on and why you're upset and maybe he or she will do something about it. Maybe not.

All you can do is be the best Aikidoka and the best person you can be, and let others worry about their own self-improvement.

"The only true victory is victory over oneself."

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