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Re: The Principle of Sutemi

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing this story

Sorry for my bad English,

I don't think Jim Alcheik was the man of your story. I made a lot of research about the guy since 7-8 years and the story never appear even by close friend of him. But maybe it could be Mr. Levanier a French Judo pioneer and a close friend of Kancho, they were sharing the same philosophy about modern Judo…

About Jim Alcheik, like you know there's lot of false story in the Martial Art world and in this case I have to say its worst.

First step in Judo in 1948 in the Paris Dojo of Raymond Sasia a specialist of ground Judo, and well know to be one of the 4th bodyguard of President Charles De Gaulle. He also got some instruction by a Jujitsu specialist. He got his first Judo Dan in 1952 and around that time he met Minoru Mochizuki and Tokyo Hirano. In 1954-55 after his military service in Tunisia (close combat monitor)) he was invited by Mochizuki to be uchi deshi at the Yoseikan.

He stays 3 years In Shizuoka and with all the training at the Dojo he was able to wrote couple of books:
• " Le Judo" Preface by Minoru Mochizuki and Risei Kano
• "Judo au sol"
• "Ma méthode d'Aiki jujitsu" with Minoru Mochizuki
• "Karate" Preface by Yamaguchi (also one of the teacher of Sano)
• "Jiu-Jitsu"

He was a spectator at the first world Judo Championship in Tokyo and had the chance to see all the competition with Minoru Mochizuki and Mifune Sensei on his side…
Alcheik was also responsible for the sending of the first Karate teacher in Europe. Tetsuji Murakami (from the Yoseikan).

He came back in France December 57 with Mitsuhiro Kondo, Hiroo Mochizuki and Shoji Sugiyama from the Yoseikan to help him and he opened a big dojo in Paris, he founded a federation (FFATK), started a magazine "Defense pour tous", organized many clinics all around Europe, a couple were at the dojo of Anton Geesink (a good friend of him). Also he organized Martial Art Gala and the first Kendo championship in France.

In late 1961, he was approach by a minister of De Gaulle to combat the OAS (French people in Algeria who were against the independence of the colony). It was a civil war there in Alger and it's very difficult to know what is true. Some people saying he tortured prisoner, he put bomb etc. Some people think he was there only to print propaganda papers.

Finally, he was getting caught by a bad war… He died only a couple of weeks after he arrives in Alger. In January 62 a printer was delivered at his villa with a parcel bomb.

Good friends of him describe the guy as a very talented Budoka with a high capacity to synthesize, always there to help people also a man with a lot of charisma and good energy.

In 3 years he was able to build the root of practically all Aiki jitsu organization that you can find now in Europe.

Best to you
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