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Re: O'Sensei Thought It Was Important

Now here's something I was trying to allude to in another thread. Dr. Goldsbury posts a rather intriguing post pointing out that Omoto was influenced by a Japanese nativist movement. But it is followed in subsequent posts by rather conventional interpretations that things like gardening / farming was therefore about becoming "one" with nature and the like. I enjoy gardening for my own food for those very reasons myself. But my (very limited) understanding of the nativist movement was that people like Hirata Atsutane were vastly more involved in a more nationalist pride/good old days/etc. slant and it had little if nothing to do with "being one with the nature". It was more about not being one with the perceived foreign influences on Japanese culture. Which had a lot of less than pleasant results in the ensuing years.

Of course I could be wrong as well. But my curiosity is piqued. Soooo, I'd love to hear more, Dr. Goldsbury, if you have the time.

Better go see if I can find a copy of one of the referenced books...

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