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Re: O'Sensei Thought It Was Important

Everything is connected in some way. Farming might seem be a lowly lifestyle and it may appear on the surface to be unconnected to many other occupations and trades. But it is important to remember... without farming no one eats. If we don't eat we don't live much less have the energy to put into such things as aikido.

In today's world the vast majority are so far removed from knowing the origin of the food that sustains us. We maybe know in a vague sense that milk and meat comes from cows and vegetables form the ground but have we seen the birth of a calf that will later feed us or have we tilled and prepared the earth which will produce the vegetables? Do we feel the connection with the very things that give us life? From one who has been a part of this lifestyle I can speak to the fact that it does deepen our connectedness to the earth, the world around us and to the entire universe.

Since connection with the universe was a key factor in Ueshiba's life and aikido I can totally see how he would place importance on farming.
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