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Re: My gi makes me look fat.

Victoria Pitt wrote: View Post
Well, you have to graduate now to doing cuts mounted. Then you can train your horse in budo too to be a good war horse.

What kind of horse? And more importantly, will he look fetching in war-horse gear? I know how to make some really cool head plumes for the bridle! (no, I am not kidding... previous job)
Now, where did I put that mohawk grenade .... gotta love Mr. T!

My horse is a miniature so I'd look pretty dang goofy trying to outfit 'Breezy' as a war horse with me whirling a sword .... I'm 6'4" and Breezy is a bit smaller than the Saint Bernard so I guess I'd have to say my war horse makes me look gigantic (the fat makes me look fat-becasue I'm fat). Might be kind of fun for halloween ...

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