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Now this is all based on what I've heard, not having been in Japan, or even alive during part of this: but it appears to me that Saito Sensei, Tohei Sensei, Chiba Sensei, the last Doshu,Imaizumi Sensei, Saotome Sensei, the list goes on and on but let's just stop there: their styles are all different, some a little, some a lot. But they are also similar. While some broke with the Hombu, and some returned, at the time of O Sensei's death they were all still teaching Aikido under him in Japan. Do I think their styles changed drasticly upon his death? Probably not. So did they each probably practice and teach in their own particular way in the Founder's presence? I guess so. And I would also guess he approved, or he would not have promoted them, given them dojos or allowed them to teach. So it seems to me if this variation in style was OK for him, it can be OK for me. I've only heard Saito Sensei talk at a couple of seminars, and while you can see the love he had for the Founder in his eyes, and hear it in his repetition 'this is exactly how the Founder taught me' I at least never heard him say the Founder did or would (if he were alive) disapprove of anything not matching what Saito Sensei was teaching us. If the student who of all O Sensei's students spent the most time with him can be that tolerant of differences, then perhaps we...
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