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there is a caveat to certain weapons systems being added to aikido training. aiki ken and aiki jo are there to teach us aiki principle not to be master swordsmen or the master of the jo. There are a lot of people training in one of the aforementioned and calling it Jodo, or iaido, or kendo when in reality they are learning a hodgepodge or eclectic ideas, although some others are teaching pure Jodo, and pure Iai. therein lies the problem. Mixing a classical art with a modern art, that have two different underlying philosophies and expecting a students mind to be able to incorporate all the different movements. at the beginning stage for some it is hard to understand the difference between tenkan and pivot, right from left, add everything else in, thinking we are broadening the student we are tending to trap them, as they never fully understand one in its relation to the others. Some can, a lot can't. the forgetting curve in weapons trianing is quite high from what I've seen. If you are a student who can make it work you are doubly or maybe triply blessed, if you are a talented instructor who can make it work, you are a rare exception and a treasured find. If you are niether, just train and it will all come to you....

of course that's my opinion I could be wrong

Dan Hover
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