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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
Again, people in your circle use videos when it's convenient.

If Dan is doing what O Sensei did (A), and what O Sensei did can be discussed by people in your circle with the use of videos (B), then what Dan is doing can be observed in the videos just as easily as what O Sensei is doing can be ( = C).

At any rate, if it can't be seen and discussing it is useless, why does your circle try to dominate every discussion on Aiki web? People can't even keep you out when the thread says no IS stuff. It starts to look less like discussion and more like advertisement.

If you study O Sensei's videos carefully, and I have studied them in slow motion carefully, the most common characteristic that you should recognize is that he was constantly moving. Next you should recognize the variety of responses he showed that fit the situation. Third you should note that he stressed blending and no touch throws as the highest level of the art.
1) I don't have a circle.
2) The only person here who says that Dan isn't moving is you.
3) I never said it couldn't be discussed, but you either have to have a certain baseline knowledge or experience for it to make sense, and/or you have to be willing to abandon a few preconceptions and actually discuss rather than challenge.



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