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Re: I am the universe

I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob!

Okay, sorry, couldn't resist.

To the extent that some sorts of experiences might be helpful in apprehending the world "as it is" clearly and without interference I can see a relation to Aikido. Also to the extent that some practice aikido as a form of mediation in a sense (and I'll put myself into that class -- it is my way of quieting the clutter in my head) I can see it related.

And it made me pull out my old copy of Jaynes "Origin of Consciousness..." book. Got me wondering if subsequent neuroscience has added anything to those sorts of theories of consciousness.

That said, it's always nice being reminded of how subjective our experience is and how easily it can be "disrupted". Which always begs the question of what sort of experience is the "correct" or "true" experience of the world... Age-old vexing question of philosophy...

Now to put on my rose colored glasses and go get some work done...

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