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K Stewart
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Re: Using Aikido Principles in Physical Activities

Mark Walsh wrote: I've heard of aikido principles being used to aid the following sports at professional level:


Any others?
My other passion (started Aikido four months ago and God willing will be doing it until my last day on this earth) is horses and riding. The trainer I've been fortunate to ride with for a decade -- Mark Rashid -- is a shodan.

The way of horsemanship that Mark teaches us is based on Aikido -- the use of breath, centering, intent, blending, redirecting energy (can't very well stop a 1,000 lb horse with muscle!), harmony, and so on.

His latest book is called "Horsemanship Through Life," is on how Aikido found him and his journey since starting practice. Really great read -- not a dry horse training book but told through honest and engaging stories -- and clear look at how horsemanship/life/Aikido are all intertwined...if we let them be.

So horses and Aikido = a wonderful match!
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