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Re: Traditional Aikido vs Nihon Goshin

Brad Darr wrote:
Not defending Craig or giving my own opinion here, I would just like a clarification of which "Hombu Dojo" you speak of and if there is any way to view said photos. Again I have no experience with Nihon Goshin, I am simply interested in the lineage.
As a side note I was also curious to see that there was no mention of it on Aikidojournal, I would have thought that a website with information on Aikikai, Korindo Aikido, Daito-Ryu, and Don Angier would surely have some information on an art with history connected to several of these, anyone else find it strange?
Hombu Dojo means "headquarters dojo". There was a photo of Richard Bowe with his dojo mates on line. Presumably this was taken in the headquarters dojo in Japan before it closed.

Since Walter had a look at Richard Bowe's certificate, perhaps he can tell us if "Aikido" appeared on the document as part of the name of the art.

I believe Nihon Goshin means Japanese Self-Defense and Aikido was never a trademark name. While most people in the US believe aikido implies connection to Morihei Ueshiba, that is not necessarily so. There was a karate group who became interested in aikido so they decided to change their name from a karate association to an aikido association. They have no formal ties with any larger aikido group. Even though this may run counter to people's concept of the name, they have every legal right to make this word change. Aikido is a name that is in the public domain and anyone can use it.

For those who insist there is a specific "aiki" way to do technique, I'd like to remind them there is aiki-ken. If you can take an aiki approach to sword, then you should be able to take an aiki approach to anything. So that test really doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

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