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In many aiki-dojos, new students are supported by the most advanced students in class which means Yudansha in most cases.

I am surprised to read Bruce's post. In my dojo in Kyoto and in my dojo here in Israel members assist me teaching with great pleasure. I never heard of an Aikidoka who quit because he didn't want to teach.

It is very sad if after a long relationship with the sensei and fellow students, one can just leave without talking about it first.

I see in Israel many people who got their shodan and quit their dojo just to open their own Aikido class. Whenever I talk to such people I encourage them to keep on learning and find a sensei whom they can learn from.

I saw a program on National Geography about 8 dan test in Kendo in Kyoto. They showed a 84 years old man who is 7 dan who goes to learn from an older man who is 8th or 9th dan.

How inspiring. How I hope to see such approach in Aikido too.

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