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Re: The Box

For me, the Invisible Boxes are the ones that bring the most annoyance and joy.

I mean, having a purposeful [mindful] box is a good thing. A properly designed and situated box can keep things sane and rational in a world of chaos. Such boxes bother me not at all, I know they are there and why they are there. I know (mostly) what is inside and what (vaguely) is outside.

And sure, I am as stubborn as anyone when told my purpose built boxes are too small, turned the wrong way, upside down, crooked, flimsy, what have you... They are my boxes - my own counsel shall I keep about them.

But it is the Invisible Boxes that have erected themselves unintended by me around my thinking, doing and knowing that provide those wonderful moments of revelation when I finally step outside their ephemeral walls. Often that moment occurs at the prompting of a friend, teacher, lover or even a disinterested observer. It is annoying because I think, "How come I didn't see that sooner or why didn't anyone tell me that before?". But it is joyful because it teaches me that I have plenty still to learn and much room still to grow.


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