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Re: O Sensei's Kokyu Practice

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The reason I gave the edition dates of the two titles is because the "completely revised edition" of Ki in Daily Life (2001 edition) has revised this particuliar exercise out of it. In 2. Ki Breathing Method II, K. Tohei writes about misogi breathing created by Masakane Inoue. The ki breathing method 2 that I'm writing about is only in the older edition of Ki in Daily Life with the yellow cover. This is what happens when things get ignored.

The quotes that Mark is giving is from the 2001 edition.

Will reply with other stuff later.
I didn't know that they were different. Yes, my edition is the newer one. If I had known it was different, I wouldn't have gotten it. Now I guess I'll have to get the older version.

Thanks for the clarification,
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