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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

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I no longer practice Aikido in a dojo, I do it at home. My spirituality comes from my religious beliefs and practices that I have had since a child. My philosophy about violence, peace, fighting, not fighting I got from my Dad when I was in grade school. He taught me how to box and when to fight that put an end to being bullied in grade school.

Am I practicing Aikido even though I do not practice Aikido philosophy or Aikido Spirituality?

I get your point, but you see martial arts have nothing to do with religious beliefs.Even though o'sensei was considered a deeply religious person in Japan, one doesn't have to belong to omoto kyo to practice aikido.Its non-resisting nature and peaceful philosophy is expressed through the techniques, where using your ki and becoming one with the attacker you neutralize him without using force or aggression.Is not a matter of faith, you don't have to believe it just practice it.And if the principles and the techniques are correct, then the philosophy is there, you can't separate it from the rest.But my suggestion would be: train in a dojo.The right environment, the appropriate clothing, the correct guidance and instructions and the contact with multiple, different uke are elements of the utmost importance that help awarness and focus during the practice.I hope that my post helped you in some way...
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