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Re: depression, has practicing Aikido helped in any way?

thanks KEM. I should perhaps explain abit better why I asked this question.

Last Sept I signed up with a 'Mcdojo'. Not in Aikido but it was supposedly mixed martial arts they were selling. When I went for my induction the instructor was asking me lots of questions before I signed up and one of them was 'am I on any medication'. I answered yes and then was told 'we try to encourage our students to come off medication'. Now I rushed myself to rid myself of any medication within a short time which did me no good what-so-ever. I understand this instructors attitude was reckless and ill-informed to say the least.

I have since distanced myself from said Mcdojo and took up Aikido instead. Further to add my Sensei's at the dojo where I take Aikido have never asked me such questions about medications I take.
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