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Re: Reality? Embarrassment for Aikido

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Lot of talk about choice and control. That is, much of what it seems a lot of strategies and tactics are based on seem to assume that a certain degree of choice and control will be available to you. Also a lot of assuming away or eliminated variables. It is okay IMO to isolate conditions, but need to make sure we understand what the impacts of this measures are.

Things like "I wouldn't let him get that close"...... "I'd whip out my tactical folder".....

My point is be careful in your much do you actually train when those variables are taking away? In most scenarios, I think in reality, we are in a hand to hand fight cause those things...namely distance, choice, and control have been taking away from us to some degree.
Always enjoy your posts Kevin. My original home dojo is near Marine Corp Air Station in San Diego.
We get many recon and Marine Defensives trainers from there and Pendelton in attendance. One of my favorite tactics I am told they use at the invective is to coax a BJJ and Judo guy into a ground fight (an easy thing to do). But they draw their knife as they are falling to the ground and the BJJ guy is vying for an dominance as if they were in an unarmed sport match.

Now that's fair game to this old bugger and it protects my bad back.

Did you check out the Extreme Tai Chi I posted earlier in this thread? Jan Childress is a National Champion from the William C C Chen tradition. Tim Hwang literally dominates him. Close quarters demand small circle strategies.
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