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Basia Halliop
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Re: Aikido Weapons

So, it's important to try to make the information as complete and factual as possible. If that makes it a bit more confusing to a beginner, that's fine. It's complex stuff. Over-simplification on a subject like weapons use ends up just like calling every ape in the zoo a monkey...
Yeah, this fits with my experience as a beginner and helping people more beginner... teach beginners much less at a time, more slowly, etc... but what you do teach them, try to teach them right... try not to teach them things that aren't true or that they will have to unlearn.

I have found that the folks who stay in the art for any length of time are generally the folks who can be comfortable with being confused, with not being able to be perfect all the time.
Yeah, I've already noticed this too...

I also like the idea of helping new students understand that it's normal to feel confused and doesn't reflect poorly on them. And that as you train what you're confused about does become more clear, while at the same time your further training enables you to see further and be confused about something new that you weren't even aware of enough to be confused about before...
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