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Re: Aikido Weapons

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
Actually Graham, if you do Nikkyo like a sword cut. anyone with strong wrists will stop it dead. Nikkyo actually has more in common with the staff. The late Koriwa Yoshio used short sticks to demonstrate this action.

Sure, I can do an ikkyo that utilizes certain principles as the thrust or the cut, In either case, it is not specific to a weapon but to an action with one of several possible weapons. I could perform the action referred to with either a sword or a staff.

I am not saying that you can't do various techniques using the various principles described. You can. I am saying that each of these principles can be found in the various weapons mentioned. You started with overly simplified statements about particular weapons embodying certain of the principles and and ignored the fact that all of these weapons are used variously depending on the situation. One can cut with a sword and one can cut with a jo. One can thrust with a staff and thrust with a sword. Your original oversimplification was incorrectly stated and made it appear that you had little familiarity with the weapons being described.

No disagreement here at all. This isn't what I questioned. I simply said that your categorization of the various weapons was imprecise and misleading and due to that fact the analogies you used were unclear and not very helpful.

Yes, I can in fact do what I have been discussing. I bothered "to put it down" because what you had stated was misleading for those here on the forum who do not have the background I have. You throw material out, as if you are sharing your experience and knowledge but don't expect that if what you are saying directly conflicts with the experience and knowledge of someone else that they will say something about it. There are people who post here who really know something about weapons work. I have trained with a number of them. If you want to post and not have critical responses regarding your posts, then you need to sound like one of them because oft times you do not. You may know, I have never met you. But your posts do not indicate that you do and on the forums, barring personal experience with someone who is posting, the verbal expression of your experience is all anyone has to go on. You have kindly added video clips but I have to say that the clips you have chosen have not made it more clear to me than your posts. Tony is less polite... perhaps unnecessarily blunt at times. I am open to having my mind changed but I would have to read or see something I haven't yet.
Thanks for the response. I like your style even if I do disagree with certain points.

First I must say that a strong wrist has no chance against nikkyo done like a sword cut using tegatana correctly, and ki of course. If you extend ki and cut through the person at the same time as cutting through the wrist with tegatana and you are aligned with cutting down their center line then it cannot fail no matter how strong the wrist. If you do not agree with this then fine we shall just have it as my opinion.

Secondly, if it conflicts with with anothers experience I welcome their response as I have clearly stated but mere put down shows only a lack of integrity and indeed worth in my eyes. My posts have also had good responses by people who do not know me therefore they must see something there and understand what I say. That's the point isn't it? Those who don't understand are free to ask for clarification.

Pointing out there are people who post who really know something I find strange as it implies I don't believe there is. There are many Aikidoka I admire and respect from many organizations past and present, from O'Sensei to Tohei, Sugano to Kanetska, most all of them plus people on this forum. So let me point that out before a wrong picture is painted.

The one purpose I have in posting anything here is very simple and very clear, it is to help. Simple. If it helps one person, good. I do not make destructive comments, I do not undermine and belittle what others say, the most I can do is disagree and explain why so I fail to see how anyone could be upset unless it is within theirself to be so.

Finally, if someone criticises me and I challenge that criticism is that not reasonable? For I get the feeling by what you have told me that you think I am offended. Rest assured I am not offended.

Once again, good talking to you. G.
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