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Re: Why is there so much confusion about Aikido.

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Let's face it, Aikikai methodology is for love and peace, not for fighting. Aikibudo methodology is for fighting when you have to, that's the difference.
lol, I have seen plenty of fruity aikido in Yoseikan... For the record I wouldn't recommend traditional Yoseikan aikido and some of the aiki you see done by the YWF by themselves if you want to learn self defence aikido. Without the judo and karate elements they are pretty hollow. I can't comment on Alain Flouquet's (sorry if I spelt it wrong) dojo as I have never been there but looks as if they do a harder style similar to what I learned.

I don't think that Minoru Mochizuki video demonstrated good aikido. The only interesting part was Washizu Sensei doing sutemi.

Again my opinion, I think you will find better self defense aikido in Yoshinakan and Tomiki aikido because they have specialized in it.
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