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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

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Dear Alberto,
Hate to say this Alberto but you theory is nonsense.All things being equal a bigger guy will win.Has any little guy ever won the 100 metres nowadays in sprinting?Could a flyweight boxer beat Mike Tyson in his prime?No way Jose.Get real. Cheers, Joe.
Joe, it's not a theory. I know what I am saying here.
I normally try not to mention again the fact I have a boxing background - by which I mean an agonistic background (that is, not just hitting a punching bag).

So, I bring that about here only once again simply in order to emphasize and prove that it's not a theory came out of delusional thinking, but from a past of active boxing.

If the mere fact a guy is bigger than you would mean the bigger guy is bound to win, then judging from the boxing categories a welter weight should never fight with a superwelter because there are about 8 pounds of difference between classes, and since size matters those 8 pounds would dictate the outcome. After all, aren't boxing classes separating weights?
So if you weight 4 kilos more than me, you'd beat me automatically...

I can assure you that an experienced boxer who weights 135 pounds may beat up badly, severely, in a no-contest and unilateral serious beating whatever guy who is 250 pounds and has no boxing experience. As a fact, not as a theory.

And equating experience, I can tell you I have seen with my own eyes (you have to trust me here) a feather weight breaking the nose of middle weights during a sparring work out. This not to mention how many welters I have seen sparring successfully with heavy weights.

If you want to beat bigger guys, you have to train in a manner consistent with that goal. If you never do, you never will. But if you do, you do.

It is not size what makes a difference - only training methods make a difference (or a gun...).

ps little guy who won 100 and 200 meters: Pietro Mennea

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