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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
I can assure you that size does not matter in the least.

This, should sound reassuring to you actually. You seem to address me as if I am somebody intent on attacking you, whereas I am saying the contrary namely that I appreciated your previous posts (I loved your Nietzsche's quote) and that your doubts have a solution. Sorry if this sounded to you like contradicting you.
Funny how difficult it is, on forums, to flag an agreement as such. It may be met as the opposite (or so) all too easily.

Actually, you can say you have attained martiality exactly when you know with finality this: size means nothing.

Size, in fact, is something that one may think plays a role (and indeed, till that moment it does play a role) only as long as one is not accustomed to deal with violent settings (plus safety measures as I stated earlier, because of course training cannot be realistic to the point of inflicting actual wounds or injuries) as routine work out. Once accustomed with that, believe me, size means nothing. Utterly, truly, totally nothing.

You have, in fact, two types of martial realisms: the one of the person who never trained with uncomplacent and "brutal" settings, and this person will believe that size matters; then the other of a training where violence (with safety measures) is standard randori: in this latter case, it is only a matter of time before you realize that you can throw 200 pound guys.
Oh if you can throw them!

Once you get confident with that by seeing you can do that, size won't deter you anymore.

It is a matter of training. If your training constantly permits to you to confront size, size won't be an issue anymore. But if your training is not geared to let you build confidence in that direction, you will never find that confidence.
It all depends on how one trains - this is why I put emphasis on randori on steroids as the solution to this thread's accusations.

ps I was not using christian arguments - you quoted Nietzsche, I was simply crediting you were acquainted with his philosophical themes, which all revolve around a revision of christianity that Nietzsche (not me) assumed as something that injected too much weakness into mankind - particularly when compared with the infinitely more "martial" heritage of the ancient Greek concept of arete (the typical reference is, in these cases and customarily, Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy).
Dear Alberto,
Hate to say this Alberto but you theory is nonsense.All things being equal a bigger guy will win.Has any little guy ever won the 100 metres nowadays in sprinting?Could a flyweight boxer beat Mike Tyson in his prime?No way Jose.Get real. Cheers, Joe.
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