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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

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My name is right there at the bottom of my post, Bert. There's no need to guess what I'd like to be called.

*shrug* I just don't see physical ass-kicking as an important skill in our society. The "eternal fight between good and evil" is mostly fought with non-physical weapons these days.

I'm also well aware of the reasons why combat sports have weight classes. At 125 pounds, my chances against any reasonably strong adult male would plummet the instant I started trying to "kick ass" instead of simply escape.

You can fight evil in many ways.

If you want to satisfy that accusation thrown at aikido, however you have to fight it with aikido.

Size doesn't matter. There was a time when I was younger whence I knew how true it is the old saying that the bigger they are the harder they hit the floor.

If you can run away, run away by all accounts - the world of this accusation implies a setting where you cannot run away.

If Aikido is to be effective and keep its promises, it should enable you to fight any size of opponent - it is, actually, one of its most characteristically implied promises: making size and strength inessential.

If you regularly train in a manner that is martially effective, size won't deter you anymore.

This not to mean you are not right: but only to mean that there exists a level of proficiency (I know this as fact, though I have it no longer - I have seen leather wheights kick heavy weights) where physical size means, indeed, only his butt will hit the mat harder.

You may never come to that point, but let me assure you of one thing: the only chance whoever may have to reach that level (a matter of 2 years, I'd say) is training regularly in a martial context, in our case a randori on steroids.

ps: go figure, in ancient myths, tauromachy with bare hands was the ultimate martial test.
The fact you can be defeated, won't even enter your equation: you will fight anyway.

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