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Hallo all of you , my peace warrior friends
I need your support and advice
I"m a social worker , working with youth at high risk
I love these kids and find it easy to see the light in everyone of them.............
My dream is to combine psycho-educational intervention with introducing them into the world of Aikido - with the help of my sensei.
How can I get the burocrats into this ?
How can I raise the money for 2 training sessions a week - for the next 8 or 9 months ?
What will work to make the institutions pay for 2 sessions a week and can I persuade them to give this a chance ?????
Does any-one of you have experience with this ?
My personal boss is thinking that it is a waste of time..... but then - she does not really care to understand anything.........
Love you
Dorit (from Jerusalem)
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