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Re: Youtube: Kakari Geiko with Empty Handed and Weapons Techniques

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
That is exactly my point -- this ‘demo' part should be the same when teaching (everybody pairs off and imitates) or when not teaching (everybody watch only without intent of actually practice).
Why though? If you taught every weeknight, and you asked for your ukes to come at you hard and real, you'd get a couple of moments of just pure, magic-looking stuff every month. And everyone would go "wow, THAT was it right there. That was the thing we are all here working hard, trying to achieve."

So then for whatever reason, you find yourself in a room with some mats in it, and they've trotted some type of academic or organizational dignitary big-wigs and sat them down in folding chairs, and your job and the job of your ukes is to show them what those magical moments look like. So while I think full-on choreography is pretty cheesy even in this type of environment, it hardly seems appropriate to have your ukes come at you and try to knock you down or out or otherwise make you look BAD. I am just saying, different rules apply. It seems straightforward to me.
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